General Considerations

1. Shoes, handbags and gym bags can be brought into the Classroom and placed along the walls.

2. It’s not a good idea to eat two hours before yoga practice. Leaning forward and stretching can sometimes make you uncomfortable with a full stomach.

3. Please do not wear fragrances, perfumes, scented oils or fragrant lotions to class. Many students have allergies and sensitivities to the fragrances.

4. Savasana, your resting pose at the end of each yoga class, is a very important part of your stretching routine. Please stay and enjoy the few minutes it takes to really relax. If you are unable to stay, please let the instructor know.

5. In order to stretch your muscles safely, it is important to warm them up. Please be prepared to be a little warm during class.

6. Drinking water before, during and after class is a good idea.


Above all, enjoy your yoga practice!